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I believe in healing, hope, and living a conscious life 

I am so happy you are here.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years of experience. I have a Bachelor's in Human and Family Development, a graduate Gerontology Certificate, and a Masters in Social Work.

I help women understand anxiety and depression, gain the confidence to make decisions, and move forward with excitement in their own lives. I empower women and moms to help themselves and their children to regulate their emotions and no longer allow fear to drive their decisions.

I am licensed to provide therapy in Utah and Idaho. I also provide Coaching Services.   

Erika behunin, lcsw

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heal. find peace. trust yourself.

trust me, you are not alone!
There is hope! Let me help you learn how to live and love now so you don't have any regrets!

running a household, working, cultivating a strong relationship, raising kids in a fast-paced world can be overwhelming and leave you running on empty.

coaching for teen and tween girls

help understanding or coping with anxiety & depression

increased self-esteem, self-worth, body image

support with trauma, Grief & loss, burnout, & chronic stress

guidance with Life transitions & strained relationships

assertiveness & communication skills

I help women who need...


I am so thankful to have found Erika to navigate me through my postpartum experience. I had been dealing with some anxiety following the birth of my daughter. She welcomed my daughter and I in every session, doing everything to make us both comfortable. I am grateful for her knowledge and guidance in a challenging time.

Good Therapists are hard to find. You wont find a more compassionate, knowledgeable, understanding professional that listens with sound advice free of Judgement.

I am so glad I found Erika, She has been a blessing in my life. Erika has a way of making me feel Refreshed and Recommitted instead of exhausted and drained. In the past I left a session feeling bad about myself, but I Love how I feel confident to tackle life after visiting with Erika.

I truly believe I found the best support with Erika and hope you will too!!

I had been through so much therapy, retreats, classes, etc., and honestly it all would help for awhile and then I would fall back into the “trap of the black hole”. I decided I would give one last go and started searching. I read Erika Behunin's bio and immediately felt she was the one I would seek out. My first meeting with her, I told her that I had been through a ton of therapy, and was going to be painfully honest with her—if she couldn’t help me, I was done! Well that was almost 9 months ago and let me tell you she has helped me more than any of those therapy, retreats, classes and everything else I have done prior! She never rushes you, she doesn’t make you do homework if it isn’t your thing, but she listens and helps you through each hurdle one by one. I haven’t felt this good in YEARS and I owe it to her!!!  She is so compassionate, never judges, has real conversations with you. It isn’t like you talk, they listen and you leave… It’s like you are talking to your best friend and she is giving you the tools you need to succeed in life!

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Therapy or Coaching

Therapists are qualified to treat mental illness and focus on mental health using a variety of modalities.

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psychotherapy must be provided by a licensed mental health professional.

Focus on past, present + future.

Can work through past traumas to discover healing. 


coaching isn't therapy.
it helps propel you forward from an already stable place.

Teaches problem solving skills, growth mindset, communication + assertiveness training.

Focus on present + future.

Develop core beliefs and values to guide your life as you set goals.

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I believe in you. I believe you are worthy of love, healing, belonging, and peace. I believe you are a walking miracle with the capacity for great joy. 

By nature of being human you also have the capacity to experience deep sorrow. 

I believe grief and gratitude can and will coexist throughout your journey. I know it is better together. There is hope.